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Monday, March 4th

MORNING (Aula Magna, University of Barcelona)

Opening and Dialogues Science and Cooking

9:00 h Credential registration and reception
9:30 h Welcome and official presentation of the Congress
10:00 h Science and Cooking as a concept for progress

• With Ferran Adrià (ElBulliFoundation), Harold McGee and Dave Weitz (Harvard University).

11:15 h Course Science and Cooking (Harvard)

• Opening by Dave Weitz (Harvard University): meaning of the course and celebration of its 10th edition.

• Past, present and futur of the course and its influence on cooking, with Ferran Adrià (ElBulliFoundation), Joan Roca (El Celler de Can Roca), Carles Tejedor (Oillab), Pere Planagumà, Nandu Jubany and Enric Rovira, among others.

12:30 h Brunch Science and Cooking
13:00 h Tribute to the physician Nicholas Kurti (University of Oxford)

• Commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the speech «The physicist in the kitchen», pronounced at the Royal Society of Londres, by Javier Tejada (Professor Emèrit de la University of Barcelona i Catedràtic de Física de la Matèria Condensada), Tom Hockaday (University of Oxford) and Charles Spence (Future of Food, University of Oxford).

AFTERNOON (Aula Magna, University of Barcelona)

Science and Cooking Projects in Catalonia

15:00 h The role of science in the culinary research at El Celler de Can Roca

• Joan Roca (El Celler de Can Roca) and Salvador Brugués (EHT Girona).

15:30 h Technical and Scientific Study of Patisserie Elaborations

• Enric Rovira, Ramon Morató, Josep Mª Ribé, Rubén Álvarez, Íngrid Farré and Pere Castells.

16:00 h Computational Gastronomy

• Marta Vila and Axel Bidon-Chanal (University of Barcelona).

16:30 h Fundació Alícia, importance and future

• Laia Badal (Fundació Alícia).

17:00 h «A Classification of Unelaborated Culinary Products. Scientific and Culinary Approaches Meet Face to Face»

• With Joan Vallès, Marta Vila and Ugo D’Ambrosio (University of Barcelona), among others.

17:30 h Restaurant Lluerna and Sustainability

• Víctor Quintillà (Lluerna) and Markel Cormenzana.

18:00 h «On food and cooking»

• Lecture by Harold McGee on his legendary On food and cooking and his new book Savoring the World. With Jorge Ruiz (University of Extremadura).


16:00 h Explanatory visit to the Bullipedia (C/ Mèxic, Barcelona)

• The myth of El Bulli in its new future project: the Bullipedia.

• Small group.

Tuesday, March 5th

Science and Cooking in the World. Past, present and future.

MORNING (Aula Magna, University of Barcelona)

9:00 h «From The Kitchen as Laboratory to Modernist Cuisine via ice cream»

• César Vega.

9:30 h Recovering the INDAGA Spirit

• With Puri García, Javier Martínez, Jorge Ruiz, Sergio Laguarda, María Dolores Garrido and Juan Carlos Arboleya (Basque Culinary Center).

10:15 h A new vision of the relation between Science and Cooking from Italy

• Davide Cassi (University of Parma) and Massimiliano Alajmo (Le Calandre).

11:00 h Research, Science and Cookinng at the BCC

• Juan Carlos Arboleya and Diego Prado (Basque Culinary Center).

11:30 h Training on Science and Cooking: Applied Research and Knowledge Transfer

• Vinyet Capdet and Montserrat Saperas (Campus de Turisme, Hoteleria i Gastronomia CETT – UB)

12:00 h Brunch Science and Cooking
12:30 h Science and Cooking and Mollecular Gastronomy in Argentina»

• Mariana Koppmann.

13:00 h Science and Cooking in Cuba and the Caribbean

• Mª Esther Abreu (Asociación Cubana para la Ciencia y Tecnología de Alimentos).

13:30 h «“La anchoveta chilena sobre la mesa”. La ingeniería gastronómica en un proyecto de desarrollo e innovación»

• Maike Siegel, Rodrigo Orozco and José Miguel Aguilera (Pontifical Catholic University of Chile).

AFTERNOON (Aula Magna, University of Barcelona)

15:00 h Science and Cooking Project in Ecuador

•  Camilo Ruiz and Carles Tarraso.

15:30 h Neurograstronomy. Past, present and future

•  Miguel Sánchez Romera (Rice).

16:00 h From “La Margarita se agita” to the Nordic Food Lab

•  Jorge Ruiz (University of Extremadura).

16:30 h Gastrovac as the beginning of Science and Cooking projects

•  Puri García and Javier Martínez, with Sergio Torres and Javier Andrés.

17:00 h «The aromatic theory of Molecular harmonies and sommellerie» 

  • François Chartier “Créateur d’harmonies”, with his new collaboration with Sony Corporation “AI x Robotics Cooking” Tokyo Research Team. (Headquarters, Aula Magna UB).
  • How can innovations in cooking be explained without theories? François Chartier will explain his molecular theory on aromatic food matching, as on food & wine aromatic matching, with a note on his new collaboration with Sony AI & Robotics Cooking.
  • Consolidation of contents at the Sofía Hotel, BeSo Restaurant, with a presentation by Sony Corporation “AI x Robotics Cooking”  Tokyo Research Team, followed by a presentation of the innovative “Aromatic wine list” created by Chartier, and a aromatic dinner signed by chef Carles Tejedor and François Chartier.
17:30 h «Food Pairing. The Digitization of Food»

•  Bernard Lahousse.

18:00 h «The True Story of Molecular Cuisine and Science Cooking Harvard»

• Davide Cassi (University of Parma) and Michael Brenner (Harvard University).

Wednesday, March 6th


Science and Cooking. Future. Taules rodones i conclusions

MATÍ (Aula Paranimf, University of Barcelona)

9:00 h Round table «Science and Cooking in America. Prospects»

• With Mariana Koppmann, Mª Esther Abreu (Asociación Cubana para la Ciencia y Tecnología de Alimentos), José Miguel Aguilera (Pontifical Catholic University of Chile), César Vega, Camilo Ruiz, Carles Tarraso, Maike Siegel and Rodrigo Orozco.

10:00 h Round table «Science and Cooking at universities, cooking schools and other training centers»

• With GCCG-Barcelona, BCC, EHTB, CETT, EHTG, Joviat and Sant Ignasi, among others.

11:00 h Round table «The “gourmetization” of the food industry and the creation of the gastronomy industry»

• With Ramon Guardia, Joan Solé, Quico Sosa, Àngel Salvador, Ramón Ramón and Annette Abstoss.

12:00 h Brunch Science and Cooking
12:30 h Round table «Is a global Science and Cooking general union possible?»

• With Hervé This (Agro Paris Tech), Davide Cassi (University of Parma), Harold McGee, José Miguel Aguilera (Pontifical Catholic University of Chile), Mariana Koppmann, François Chartier, Mª Esther Abreu (Asociación Cubana para la Ciencia y Tecnología de Alimentos) and Pere Castells, among others.

TARDA (Aula Magna, University of Barcelona)

15:00 h From Molecular Gastronomy to Note-by-Note

• Hervé This (Agro Paris Tech).

16:00 h Round table «Introducing ICT to Modern Cooking»

• With Carme Gonzàlez (University of Barcelona), Elvira López (University of Barcelona), Montserrat Riu (University of Barcelona), Olga Martín (University of Lleida) and Claudi Mans (University of Barcelona), among others.

17:00 h Round table «Science, Cooking, and Health. The Influence of Science On Institutional Cooking (hospitals, schools, nursing homes, etc.)»

• With José Miguel Aguilera (Pontifical Catholic University of Chile), Abel Mariné, Ramon Estruch and Glòria Cugat, among others.

CLOSING CERIMONY (Aula Magna, University of Barcelona)

18:00 h Presentation of the book Softmatter transformations in culinary processes, by Davide Cassi and Pere Castells, in tribute to Fernando Sapiña

• Cassi (University of Parma) and Castells planned this book with Sapiña, a great reference in Science and Cooking, sadly deceased on January 2018.

18:45 h Presentation of the Sferic Awards. Sferificacions i macarrons.

• Introduced by Claudi Mans (University of Barcelona) and Montserrat Rivero (ACCA)

Tribute a Homaro Cantu. Katie Cantu and Derrek Hull (Executive Director The Trotter Project).

Sponsored by ACCA