The creative revolution undergone over the last few years by Cooking and, by extension, Gastronomy has been key to the development of culinary knowledge. What’s more, the importance given to culinary research and innovation precisely here, in Catalonia, has been essential for the consolidation of the international projection of the field. Not for nothing Catalan Gastronomy has rightly relied on science and technology to make progress, using the two as tools for creativity and innovation.

Additionally, such a blossoming of R+D+I in the field of Gastronomy has contributed in making Cooking a driving force for economic growth and territorial development. The best example of this is probably the lecture given by Ferran Adrià at the University of Harvard in 2008, which later became the course  Science and Cooking, an irrefutable proof of the interrelation between science and cooking.

The Science & Cooking World Congress (Barcelona 2019) is a project of the Tercer Congrés Català de la Cuina, within the frame of the topic area 4. Culinary Knowledge in Catalonia, and it offers an excellent outlet for the brand ‘Science and Cooking Barcelona’, which must continue to be used beyond the Congress, and which will have to be consolidated year by year.

Hence, the Science & Cooking World Congress (Barcelona 2019) has three goals:

  1. Defining the concept of Science and Cooking, which implies:

1a. Applying scientific knowledge to culinary practice.

1b. Using science as a means for culinary innovation.

1c. Using culinary practice as a teaching tool to explain science.

1d. Using cooking as a means for scientific innovation.

  1. To delve into point 1d., creating yearly awards (the Sferic Awards) to reward projects regarding culinary innovation that have made or could make a contribution to the current challenges of our society through scientific innovation.
  2. Creating the ObservatoriScience and Cooking Barcelona’ as a permanent structure responsible for coordinating, communicating, promoting, spreading, and appraising activities related to science and cooking.

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I think it is a sad reflection on our civilization that while we can and do measure the temperature in the atmosphere of Venus we do not know what goes on inside our soufflés.​

(Nicholas Kurti)